Zina goes for gold!

March 27, 2009

Phew… after a hectic pre and post Mardi Gras season, I am finally sitting down to update this poor neglected blog!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made my Mardi Gras Parade debut this year but not on the Hoopaholics float as I had planned. At the last minute I was asked to be on the float for Olympic diver and gold-medalist Matt Mitcham as part of his ‘Go for Gold’ troupe.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you what an absolute coup it is getting me in a dress, let alone wearing it in front of thousands of people while hooping down the street. But alas, after a major attack of nerves and a ‘OMG I look ridiculous’ pre-parade tanty, I amazingly managed to make it to the end of the parade without a wardrobe malfunction.

I have to say it was an absolute hoot and a real honor to be part of Matt’s ‘Chief of Parade’ float. And yes boys he is simply gorgeous in real life and a dead set sweetheart to boot! Here’s me practicing some moves with my hoop pre-parade… 😉

Photo © John McRae 2009

Photo © John McRae 2009

Anyway now that my parade duties have been fulfilled, thankfully things are starting to settle down and I’ve already started work on two new zines! I had better get my finger out so they’re ready for the Sydney Writer’s Festival Zine Fair in May… Ciao for now peeps!


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  1. 2 new zines! cant wait!!!!

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